Science Fiction Books

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Science fiction (now referred to as sf, and no longer sci-fi, which is trés passé) enthusiasts will quibble and mutter and debate on the absolute best science fiction books to read—if they were all asked for recommendations.  But they likely will also stop butting heads long enough to give nods to the finest writers of Read More

School Essay

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While many elements make up a school essay, and many different requirements are made of you—depending upon the mode, goal, and tasks at hand, one type of school essay will be useful for interpretation and evaluation assignments. So today, let’s consider writing an interpretation/evaluation of song.  Doing so will help you write school essays on Read More

Research Paper Topic Ideas

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Many high school teachers, especially those in the humanities, require their students to write a research paper.  It’s pretty good practice too, since the research paper is a common element in most college classes.  Educators like the research paper since it forces students to demonstrate their research and organizational abilities while also showing that they Read More