Essay`s Core Idea

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We are developing this idea over these different paragraphs we’re taking exactly the same idea here the final project discussing what you did in your final project when you printed the first draft and then what did you do in the final project to get started on it what was your procedures there and then what did you do in your final project when you completed these second draft there you see what I’m saying here so now once it says in its similar manner to Morris when I completed the second draft of my English 105 writing project here now you have to write about 40 to 50 words to explain this and only focus as you explain your final project. Get to know how to develop that idea on

You’re simply focusing on the changes the big changes that you had to make the more specific you are and the change you made the higher your grade is going to be right because that’s going to show that you have a lot of depth and a lot of thought to the writing so now we can move on to our final paragraph so now we see where we are now we’re talking about what we do in our third drafts so here you might use a word like finally because this brings you to your last point Marius and I share how about this Martha and I both focus more on what do you have up here the sentence and word level of editing and our third drafts you’ll say Marius here we go again now does it surprise you as we bring up this next idea it says Mars and I both focus on sentence and work level editing so your responsibility now is to go to page 92 to look at paragraph 11 and 12 and talk about what he says or what he likes to do in his third draft so you want again maybe in about 40 or 50 words explain what he says in paragraphs 11 and 12 so that’s what you want to do.

Then once you get to 2 what you want to say you can say like likewise does it surprise you that I’m still talking about the same writing project the English 105 final project so I also completed the third draft in my English 105 final project and here so what are you going to do you’re now going to take about 40 to 50 words and explain what Margaret what you did when you completed your English 105 final project the kinds of sentence and word changes you made as you worked on your final project and then excuse me then you can use what’s called in conclusion alright so now let’s take a look at what we have here so if you go back to the actual assignment – really explicitly create a compare and contrast organization okay so let’s take a look at the whole thing one more time so first of all in the introduction let’s identify what we’ve done.