Explaining Quotes And Examples

3 months ago Joy Jennings Comments Off on Explaining Quotes And Examples

Don’t look at your whole essay and try to do this with your whole essay cuz that’s kind of freaked out you know it’s like too much how could I do this and I agree you can’t do this on a whole essay at a time you can however slow down look at one paragraph and carefully go through the different things that we went through including things like we just went over are you defined in your paragraph are you working in the quotes and in particular are you after the quote providing some examples that’ll help the reader understand what the writer is talking about that’s the focus on what you guys to work on right now so in this case just try going to one or two of your body paragraphs and see if you can really camp out after that quote and do that kind of explanation a pause now and again come back to it when you’re finished all right last one here for this section we’re going to work on explaining quotes again. Read more about essay revisions on Edusson.

I think there’s a lot of overlap between explaining quotes in providing examples that we just did so want you guys to read through this sample I’m going to pause for a second while you guys read through that sample and when you finish click back in okay what my students generally like here is the use of repetition a in explaining a quote so if you see here there’s a great quote from Delbanco from Melville right and then here what the writer does is go back and pull out the word college and then explain that and then keep going further on they mentioned stirring and shaping perhaps or the first time in life and then look what the writer does here this was great the use of the word stirring in shaping conveys debacles idea of personal growth and then explain that a little bit really good we refined back to the quote keeps the reader focused on the quote shows that it’s not your own idea is that you’re explaining just what the writer has done they do the same thing in a quote from Anand here education is about personal intellectual growth not about some winning some race to the top and in here implies that through this growth.

Again going back to the quote and then they kind of explain that a little bit how it fits into the idea of personal growth really good idea here so what I suggest now is that you go to another one of your body paragraphs and apply this same technique of pulling out a particular word from a quote and kind of explaining it helping to read or see why that particular word or phrase helps explain the point that you’re making in the paragraph I’m gonna pause now but this is pretty much the end of this section if you want of course you can come back and listen to this there’s a lot of information that it went over and I hope you find it helpful on towards developing and creating your essay to a more successful final revision.