What Is The Difference Between An Ultrasound Technician And A Radiologist

1 year ago Joy Jennings Comments Off on What Is The Difference Between An Ultrasound Technician And A Radiologist

There are so many different fields in healthcare it can be hard to understand the differences. With most specialties or allied health fields, the differences are in the level of education and training a person receives or is required to have to practice in the field.

What is the difference between an ultrasound technician and a Radiologist? The answer is in the type of training received and the amount of training required for each position. A radiologist is a person who completes medical school like any other physician. Then additional training is required for a residency. Typically the first year is spent in general medicine. Then an individual will spend up to four years in a radiology residency learning how to read and diagnose.

A radiologist does more than simply read and interpret x-rays. He or she may also read other diagnostic images from ultrasounds and doppler studies. The individual will be skilled in interpreting all types of films.

An ultrasound technician, on the other hand, receives much less training and only attends school possibly long enough to earn an Associate or Bachelor degree. When the training is complete the individual will take a certification exam to work as an ultrasound technologist in a medical facility. Most programs will require the individual to complete an internship in the field but this can be as short as a few months or up to one year in some programs.

There is also quite a difference in the pay rate for both positions. As a physician, a radiologist will earn an income that is similar to that of a physician working in a clinical setting. Usually, the radiologist will work in a hospital but may also be employed by a large health center or outpatient facility.

An ultrasound technician will make much less than a physician or a radiologist, around $35,000 to $40,000 to start, even with a four-year degree. There is much less r responsibility involved in performing tests that take images, than a position that required interpreting the results.